Thursday, January 11, 2007



I fear she must have wandered far away

I've looked most everywhere, she can't be found.

I find myself adrift

I can't convey those thoughts and feelings locked within my mind.

Fey little sprite, she spoke to me alone

Her magic something only I could know.

She'd made the tree outside my door her home

and played beneath where fragrant flowers grow

I cannot comprehend why she would leave

for lacking me she'll have no way to spread

to human folk the poetry she weaves

euphonic verses sadly left unsaid

For none but I can realize her words

that tell of things that only she can see

She needs my hands and voice so she'll be heard

for mankind sees and hears her via me

That foolish little maid has strayed too long

Her image fading more each day I wait

I pray for her return each day she's gone

Without each other we cannot create...


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