Friday, January 19, 2007



And it was then that art came to me

Taking me from the lost of I don’t know where

Coming from the place it now brought me

And it was not a voice telling me what to be

It was blank, white, and still

Free from the chaos of others

Pulling me away from the coldness of Sadness, Silence, Grief

Alone, it was blank, And I changed it

I did not know where to begin

My mouth had been sewn shut

And my ears had become deaf

Stitched and shouted at by those around me

Yet I burned for a release

And from my eyes Through my hands

I found the escape

I drew the first line Thin, faint, and pure

But that was not how I wanted it to be.

Urgently, Darker, harder, faster

The lines came out from me

And the forms coalesced

Becoming a physical thing

Evolving, Developing

Filled with passion and hope

Awakening me from the faceless nightmare of youth

And as I created it

I felt it

The ray of light in the darkness of my mind

Opening up pathways to places unknown

Places no one else could go but me

Among the ashes of the child inside

A phoenix was reborn